Spyro: Year of the Dragon [Third Game] - Complete List of Dragons


A complete list of dragons (in this case, baby dragons/hatchlings) shown in Spyro: Year of the Dragon (the third and final game in the original trilogy).

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my life is spyro-ling out of control


Aaaand here’s the last three headshots!

Nestor, Cosmos and Mazi

I decided to do something extra special with the final three and draw them in different styles, for practice. And added actual screenshots from their respective home worlds. And yes I drew them all out of order, I don’t care.


do we really need that last egg spyro


No game is safe from Vinesauce…. not even Spyro….

Anonymous asked:
why is the first spyro game so much harder than the other 2

I think the first one is the easiest for me. I guess it is a matter of personal opinion. The first one might seem harder because you have to figure a lot of things out for yourself. There’s not much guidance compared to the other 2 (besides the occasional cryptic advice from a rescued dragon…) Ripto’s Rage introduced characters like Hunter that “help” Spyro on his journey, which continued in to game 3.